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So there’s this thread on Smashboards where people discuss the canon strength of characters and try to weigh who would be the strongest if given their canon abilities.

This is my list, which I split into tiers.

I’ve gotten mostly positive reception for it, bar some people not believing Rosalina is a goddess and as such should be much lower (about C Tier), and some people believing Palutena should be the strongest (and through my debating this I am actually considering lowering her to S Tier, as I have exposed many weaknesses about her).

I’ve also been told Ike should be moved up a tier, which I don’t disagree with, but I simply haven’t played his games. I knew he should be A tier AT LEAST though, so that’s why he’s there. If I ever play his games and see what awesome shit he does, likely for his friends, I’ll move him up no problem.

And I am also considering moving Mario up a bit, maybe Luigi too.

For reference, a character below another character in tier doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t POSSIBLY beat a character above them. It just means that the higher tier character has a more favourable situation, and the lower tier character would probably need a very specific situation to win or even stand a chance (for example, Pit owes a lot of his success in Uprising to divine aid - without this, I don’t think he stands up to Kirby and Sonic, and Palutena’s trailer showed that even Link is capable of beating him when he lacks divine intervention. If aided by Palutena or Viridi, however, he would have a fair shot against Kirby and Sonic).

But yeah I just thought I’d share this!

teirs are for queers :D


So I’ve been working around with Photoshop and made some additional Smash Bros Lucina recolors, including a better version of my previous one.

From top to bottom: Lucia, Mia (both from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), Mareeta (from Thracia 776) and Marisa (from The Sacred Stones).

Can’t wait to play her… So….. hot…..sooo powerfull… screw you chrome shes better ;)

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